Zvandiri: Safety Center

Zvandiri: Safety Center

Meta Workplace has been added to Zvandiri’s portfolio of digital workplace tools to provide a means to communicate effectively across the whole organisation, and to share news and achievements either globally or within smaller distinct teams. It is now a key component of Zvandiri’s Digital Workplace environment that spans both office-based and frontline field workers. This capability is available to Zvandiri cost-effectively through Meta’s “Workplace for Good” programme for non-profits.

Meta Workplace is integrated into Zvandiri’s Operating Environment (ZOE) using automated SCIM provisioning (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) with Zvandiri’s strategic IdP (Identity Provider). It is an integral part of the way Zvandiri staff work, communicate and operate. With the foundations of a secure and scalable Workplace capability now in place, Zvandiri can start to take advantage of additional features of Workplace.

The most recent one being “Safety Center”.

The first Live Incident that Zvandiri’s Safety Center covered was the severe weather warning relating to Cyclone Freddy on Thursday 23rd February 2023. Safety Center provided Zvandiri with the ability to quickly check on the safety of all employees and frontline workers and keep them informed as to recommended guidance or where to work safely during the incident.

Safety Center is a key component of our staff wellness plan to help ensure the safety of our staff and frontline workers during emergencies and incidents that warrant extra care.

Screenshot: Safety Check Instant Messages

Sending our Safety Check communications to staff

Screenshot: Monitoring Safety Check responses

Monitoring responses

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